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Pellet Stoves
Bosca         Sprit       500 Series
Bosca         Classic   500
Bosca         Parts

SERAPH GENESIS SERIES STOVES (Rotating Burn Pot, cleans ash)
Genesis 106  30,000 Btu's  Best Product  $300 off until Oct. 15th 2013
Genesis 108  60,000 Btu's  Best Product  $500 off until Oct. 15th 2013

OSBURN Pellet Stoves
  (Bottom Feed, feed up like a wick, ash goes over edge into ash pans.) Less work
Model 5000 EPA Pellet Stove  50,000 Btu's  Best Product $500 off until 10/15/13

Pellet Stoves and Inserts
Kozi           100XL   Series
Kozi           120 Pellet Shop Heater
Kozi           Baywin 2 Pellet Stove
Kozi           Baywin    Pellet Insert

Kozi           Parts

Cumberland     Pellet Stoves
Cumberland     Pellet Stove Parts

Rika          Integra II Pellet Stoves
Rika          Integra II Pellet Stoves Inserts
Rika          Visio Pellet Stoves
Rika          Premio Pellet Stoves

Pellets at $239 per ton
is like buyng oil at only
Cut your heating bill
in 1/2 or more!