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We are updating our site. Please read below and save your money by not spending it in waste. Invest it, don't burn it up.


Remember, NO SALES TAX in New Hampshire



We have been waiting months for the


 that control and program the furnace functions. Next those

chips will  be installed in and programed, activating the

Pellet/corn-Trol.  (The brain that run the furnace, helping you save.)

Those chip arrive and are to be installed in Late August. Then, as units are produced by Americasheat, LMF manufacturing,

those units our customers buy will then be shipped in order of purchase.

Directly to your front door, if requested.



How would you like to heat your home, building, green house for LESS. If you are currently heating with, or planning a hot air system you can save a lot of money each year with our furnace heating the air.


Don't wait to long to call and order with fuels increasing.

The call is free,

The bigger the home,

building or green house(s), the more you save.


The furnace is a machine that heats and blows hot air, through duct work to multiple areas of needed warmth and then returns to be reheated when needed responding to a thermostat.

 At this time we are not talking about a boiler used for heating water that distributes flowing hot water, some systems as steam, where it may be needed.


Now think money! The bottom line.

We're talking Equal Btu's, SAME HEAT.  Remember, my furnaces from Americasheat.com  (LMF Manufacturing) can burn multiple green energy fuels  like wood pellets, biomass, corn, in pellet form instead of today's high cost for fossil fuels.


Knowing the difference will save you money.

OIL  VS WOOD Pellets

Oil in our area of New Hampshire is now $5.75 a gallon.

go to www.newenglandoil.com to see oil costs for your area.

Remember those numbers and check them throughout the year.

WMUR interview said oil is expected to reach $8-$10 by the end of this year.

Are you ready?


an input fuel comparison calculator may be of interest


look for comparison calculator





Now lets talk money.   $$$


How many gallons of oil do you use?


1 gallon of oil= 138,500 Btu’s

 now,16.78 lbs.

of wood pellets =138,500 Btu’s


Those 16.78 lbs of Wood Pellets cost only $2.52 ($300 per ton)

Where, OIL is at $5.75 now. (Same Heat)

and WMUR says oil is

 going up to $8-$10 by the end of THIS year!

Now compare,

This is in gallons of oil (so you can use the number

of gallons you used last year to compare), vs  Wood Pellets

1000 gal of oil=$5750 at $5.75 a gallon

$6000 at $6.00 a gallon

$8000 at $8 a gallon

$10,000 at $10 a gallon

NOW LOOK carefully and Think about it...

using Pellets in our furnace at 85%


Keep it simple



 Pellets $2520, that's $2.52 x 1000.

Look further...

Pellets $2520 VS $5750 oil  at $5.75 a gallon

Pellets $2520 VS $6000 oil  at $6.00/gal

Pellets $2520 VS $8000 oil  at $8.00/gal

Pellets $2520 VS $10,000 oil at $10/gal

It doesn't take long to let the difference

 pay for your new machine.

As oil and/or propane continues to go up,

 you lose more and more.  That's  A lot of $$$$'s using them.

(Emergency yes, (Back up), but all winter, NO!)


I offer 2 sizes of WHOLE HOUSE pellet Furnaces,

(insulation, efficiency,  windows, walls may ( +/- ) challenge results).

 100,000 Btu's up to 2,500 sq/ft

 170,000 btu's up to 4,500 sq/ft

Bigger house than that?  Use 2 or more

Green houses, no freezing pipes with air and CO2 helps plants grow.

Now look again,

this furnace can be turned down to

5%, (5,000 Btu/hr) using it in warmer/cooler weather without overheating or expensive fuels.


 AH-100  $4,500

 AH-170  $5,500

shipping to NH,VT or Maine

+/- $350 based on location

if requested, even to your front door.

Call me: 603-727-4444 Peter Martin, Newport, NH, direct dealer with LMF see them on line go to www.Americasheat.com Learn, call me. 14 bag hopper.  Remember, this is not a pellet stove.  You can set temperature controlled  highs and lows so you may leave for a week to 10 days with warm air going through your current duck work, protecting your home, business, even green houses.

Let Homes, Businesses, Green houses, smile again!




 You need a furnace that can connect to your current system or replace it so You can afford to turn the heat back up

and be warm again.

Call me at:

603-727-4444, Newport, NH



I was born and grew up in New Hampshire and Maine.

Over the years you recognize, "Common sense".

Benjamin Franklin coined the Phrase,

"Common Sense Is Uncommon".

Boy was he right!

Many times I recommended that you set aside your current heater (furnace) as an expensive back up.

   Same logic as having two cars but one saves you a whole lot more.  When you call, I ask you a lot of questions you may or may not know the answers to at the time. These questions are very important for safety of your home and family, current venting and sizing.

By the way, our whole house furnace uses 110 not 220, saving you more money.

other questions,

Different flues (venting safely to the outdoors) are required for different fuel types that safely vent larger amounts of heat temperatures oil or gas may not.

Also, most States do not allow 2 or more running boilers or furnaces in the same flue.

When you look at your roof, many times you see several chimneys with different capabilities for your different needs that are checked for safety and may be upgraded over time.

If you are burning wood now, you may already have a class A chimney available but it still should be checked for safety (cracks, leaks), don't guess.

codes also may differ state to state


Not having the correct flue

 can be solved in several ways.


Insulated chimney liner (flexible metal tube down a non-class A brick chimney) making your oil burner chimney into a class A chimney.

Metal multiple walled class A designed chimneys inside or out.

Evan a high quality Class A Power vent has been invented that vents safely through a wall without the costs of a new chimney.

Most of you already have a class A chimney and are all set for our heating system saving you money.




Let's put this in

 Black and white

Don't forget the Federal 26% tax credit through 2022.

(takes it off the amount you would have payed).  If you wait and buy it next year,

the credit next year is reduced to 22%.  If you didn't use all the credit  the remainder may carry forward help next year. Also, got apartments or rental housing units besides your house in need to save money?

Check first, you may not be limited to one tax credit. Check again first,

The credit is not just for our furnace but I believe it also includes installation.  You're smile gets even bigger.


Some state also have other tax benefits, credits, rebates so check on line or directly to your state department of energy.


Always check with your accountant or financial advisor,

 town, state and IRS  about special opportunities.

The information and programs change

so make sure they are up to date.



Now go to the company I represent as a direct dealer.


LMF Manufacturing in

Montoursville, PA

see both furnaces (AH-100 and the AH-170)

and the Pellet/corn-Trol installed in them.  The brain!


These furnaces can give you freedom beyond

 the limitations of a pellet stove.

I like pellet stoves but these differences are very important.

Why? Because they are more variable, flexible all the way up to

 100,000 Btu's/ hr

or the 170 up to 170,000 Btu's/hr

Remember, all the way down to 5% of the stoves Btu's per hour.

also, important is the hopper which holds 14 bags of pellets.

Most pellet stove hold, 1,2, or maybe three bags of pellets.

Like your wood stove, get home soon.


How about ours?

You can now leave your house or business for days and know you're  also sending heat directly though you duct work to vents that can heat and protect


Frozen Pipes costs MONEY!


How much do these furnaces cost ?


AH-100 Pellet Furnace variable 100,000 Btu

 up to 2500 sq/ft $4500.00

shipping to NH about $325.00 +/- location


AH-170 Pellet Furnace variable 170,000 Btu

up tp 4,500 sq/ft    $5,500.00

shipping to NH about $325.00 +/- location


in New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine, most use wood pellets.

Other states may use wood pellets or corn, even dry cherry pits.

the Americasheat furnace can burn all 3.


Let's talk saving you money.

WINTER is coming soon.

 Make sure you are sitting down when you estimate your new heating bill vs last years and the year before, with oil or propane.




TELL a Friend, they may be looking at

 a big problem this winter as well.


Thank you, Peter Martin

Newport, NH 03773



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